A fascinating account of the modern battle for equality




January 29, 2024

JAN. 29, 2024 3 AM PT | Los Angeles Times | As a chronic pain sufferer, I sometimes surprise people by telling them that my pain doesn’t have a physical cause. It’s a mind-body thing, I say, related to stress and emotions. To many, this sounds like admitting to being a little bit crazy. And when I up the ante by suggesting they’ve probably had this kind of pain too, some become outright angry, interpreting my words to mean their pain is “all in their head.”

What the Science Says About ‘Don’t Say Gay’ and Young People

April 20, 2023

New York Times | Apr. 20, 2023 | Florida Republicans on Wednesday expanded a state law that prohibits classroom instruction on L.G.B.T.Q. subjects through third grade. Now the “Don’t Say Gay” law will also apply to students in grades four to 12. Though the legislation might appear to be just about allowing parents a say in their children’s education — up to high school graduation — its breadth and vagueness creates a chilling effect on what students and teachers think they can say about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Boston Strangler Truth Is Even More Disturbing Than Fiction

March 18, 2023

Daily Beast | Mar. 18, 2023 | For 18 months in the waning days of the idealistic early 1960s, thirteen Boston-area women were strangled and sexually assaulted. The elusive killer left behind a grotesque, ritualized crime scene, as if taunting the people who would come upon it. Bodies were left in suggestive positions. Nylon stockings or other of their personal apparel had been knotted around their necks. Some had bottles, broomsticks or other foreign objects jutting out of their bodies. Propped up against the foot of the final victim, strangled on January 4th, 1964, stood a cheery greeting card that read, “Happy New Year!”